A Wonderful Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Ontario, Wayne County, NY (September 21, 2013) – Wayne County Democrats enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Brookwoods Country Club for their 4th annual Jefferson Jackson dinner. Party members came together and honored the hard work and dedication of retired Palmyra Mayor Vicky Daly and former Wayne County Democratic Chairman Ed O’Shea.

Serving as Master of Ceremonies current Wayne County Democratic Chairman Mark Alquist presented Ed and Vicky with a flag that flew over the Capitol as an expression of gratitude for their dedicated service. The flags were provided through the office of Congressman Daniel Maffei.

When asked to reflect on the award and her time as mayor Vicky Daly said, “I was gratified by the recognition I received from my colleagues and peers. Three terms as mayor of the Village of Palmyra confirmed the initial belief that prompted me to run for office; people should have a choice in elections at all levels and that once elected, office holders should concentrate on governing, not politics. Mary Robinson, former President of the Republic of Ireland said it best, "I came to do a job, not to keep one.'"

Special guest speaker Congressional Representative Daniel Maffei spoke about the challenge of working within the confines of a divided Congress: “Passing a Continuing Resolution to keep our government running should not be controversial. I have continued to work with both Democrats and Republicans toward a bipartisan solution to avert a government shutdown and ensure our troops get paid, seniors have access to their benefits, and our economy and the middle class continues to grow.”

The Wayne County Democratic Committee holds committee meetings every other month in Lyons. The WCDC is a member in good standing of the Democratic Rural Conference, an organization focusing on rural issues and legislation. All duly enrolled democrats are encouraged to take part in our great democracy by being involved in the process to make a positive difference for our communities.

Congressman Dan Maffei With Retired Palmyra Mayor Vicky Daly
Former WCDC Chair, Ed O'Shea Receives Award From Current Chair, Mark Alquist


Recent release of the audit report on the finances of the County of Wayne by the NYS Comptroller has illustrated the need for increased attention to the use and amount of reserve funds and level of surplus funds maintained.

“Accumulating such large surpluses is a breach of faith with the taxpayers of our county,” according to the executive committee of the Democratic Committee of Wayne County.

“There is a lack of public transparency and long-term planning in creation of excessive reserve funds. What is most upsetting is the cavalier response by the leadership of the Board of Supervisors.

“We believe the following concerns merit immediate attention by the finance committee and Republican leadership of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors:

Adopt formal resolutions for creation of and uses of reserve funds according to state law

Conduct a public hearing for review of procedures and policies for creation, use & limits on reserve funds & operating surpluses

Develop realistic estimates of expenses and income on both an annual and long-range basis

Do not inflate income or expense estimates to compensate for lack of planning

Create long-range plans for county tax rates and tax levies

Create specific funds that address specific county needs (e.g. bridges, highways, building maintenance, parks/trails, and declared emergencies)

Report uses and balances in surplus and reserve funds as part of public budget process

Re-direct surplus funds to reduce taxes and debt and to preserve essential services

“Rather than cut the jobs of dedicated, county employees by reducing services to taxpayers, such as closing the curbside recycling program and potential sale of the county nursing home, supervisors should use these excess funds to insure successful operation of facilities.

“While the Board of Supervisors can argue that large surpluses reflect financial prudence, the ‘bottom line’ is that the funds seem to have just ‘happened,’ without proper planning or specific authorization, and without proper use of the hard earned money of county taxpayers.”